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So the world will know Him Conference: October 24-26
United in Christ

Matteo Calisi

Professor Matteo Calisi is an international speaker to renown educational institutions and religious events. He is the founder of United In Christ, Founder of the Community of Jesus and Co-President of the Italian Charismatic Consultation.

Matteo Calisi has organized conferences on renewal, unity and reconciliation all over the world. He has traveled extensively to 80 countries around the world in which he has been invited as a speaker by numerous academic institutions, seminaries and Catholic and Protestant universities such as: Notre Dame University, South Bend Indiana (USA), Oral Robert University, Oklahoma City (USA), Regent University, Virginia Beach, Virginia (USA), Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey (USA), Franciscan University, Steubenville, Ohio (USA), Christ for the Nations Institute, Dallas Texas (USA), Catholic Faculty of Theology in Liublijana (Slovenia), Catholic Pontifical University of Argentina, Buenos Aires (Argentina), Catholic Pontifical University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Waldesian Faculty of Theology, Rome (Italy), “Saint Nicholas” Institute of Greek Byzantine Ecumenical-Patristic Theology of the Pontifical University Saint Thomas Aquinas of Rome, section of Bari (Italy), Pontifical Lateran University, Rome (Italy).

Matteo organized International Conferences with a political emphasis and defended human rights, family and religious freedom. He has personally met Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis on several occasions.



To become an ambassador of reconciliation for unity and reconciliation within the Body of Christ

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Matteo Calisi